What Open Labs could do to Make Stagelight Even Better

We can all agree that Stagelight is a great software. It’s as simple or almost as complex as you need it. You can start making music without thinking about the manual. Advanced features are present, but they don’t stand in your way when you feel creative. Hats off to Open Labs for this achievement.

Here are a few ideas that could make Stagelight even better than it is right now.

Tempo Changes

Obviously. I’m not the first or the last to wish for tempo changes. It’s an important feature for composers and even more for live performers.

So, how to implement it?

Using the Master Track

Stagelight has a Master Track which you can currently use only to add master effects, like limiters, EQs or stereo enhancers. But the Master Track can be much more.

Master track with tempo change

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could add patterns, like we can on audio and instrument tracks, set tempos and write automation for master effects or fades?

Using the “Scene Launchers”

Another idea is to use the “Scene launchers”. Tap the Menu icon, go to Tempo and set it right there.

Scene launcher menu

The tempo would be visible on the Launchers too. Launchers without defined tempo would inherit it from the first previous Launcher where the tempo is defined.

Scene launcher

Both ways would keep the user interface consistency. No clutter added, just tasty features. Yummy!

Loop Builder Track

That’s right! A Loop Builder track in the timeline view. Create audio and MIDI sequences as complicated as you want, add a pattern to the Loop Builder track which is automatically reflected in the Loop Builder view.

Loop Builder track

Instead of rendering new audio files for audio tracks, virtual audio files could be created, with information about used files, their start and end points and positions in the pattern.

Send Effects Automation

We can write automation for insert effect, but sends can only be controlled via MIDI. An extra item called “Send Level” in the automation menu would be very welcome.

Mixer Groups

They simply make complex mixes more manageable and allow for more complex routing when you need it.

Improved Piano Roll Interface

The background pattern where dark and light take turns is somewhat confusing when you are drawing notes into the piano roll.

A pattern that reflects black and white keyboard keys would be more user friendly.

Improved piano roll

Pre-Fade Pan

In my How to Use a Vocoder in Stagelight 3 tutorial I had to figure a workaround to properly send audio to the vocoder because, in Stagelight, pan is post-fade. I really can’t think of a situation where pre-fade pan would bother me. It just seems like a more reasonable solution.

Control Mode for the Android version

Not everybody has a laptop with a touch screen or a high-end Surface tablet to enjoy both the high-power CPUs and the benefits of touch controls. Nobody on Mac, for sure. But, some, like I do, have an Android tablet or phone beside a laptop or desktop computer.

I’d really love to be able to control Stagelight on my laptop with my Android tablet. It sounds like a perfect match to me.

Welcome additions

  • Sidechaining input for the compressor.
  • Stretchable volume fader for more resolution, making fine level adjustments easier.
  • Better support for mouse use, especially the scroll-wheel.
  • Saving songs in the background without interrupting the playback.

How about you? What would you love to see in Stagelight?

3 thoughts on “What Open Labs could do to Make Stagelight Even Better”

  1. Awesome suggestions here. Some ideas of my own: ability to change overall tempo on the fly while playing , perhaps with a pop-up slider on the tempo button. I use Stagelight as a live backing instrument and this would give me better control of the performance.
    Access to the right mouse menus via long touch on screen icons. This would speed up on-the-fly Midi assignments and cut and paste operations instead of using the arrow button. Currently using the arrow button takes your focus away from where you are working on the screen and involves too many extra clicks.
    I absolutely endorse the suggestion to change the piano roll interface background to reflect the same pattern as the piano keyboard.
    Final suggestion is a setting that allows for automatic scrolling of the loop builder when using the part follow feature.

  2. i would love to see a way to custom write in your own drum notes in terms of note repeats,cause the built in glitch app don’t really help that much when trying to write a trap hi hat roll and also couldn’t you add in your own sounds from your libray before ? i don’t see that option now if it’s not there please add it back


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