ElectroSynth interface

Advanced ElectroSynth Functions

Stagelight features several inbuilt synths with simplified interfaces showing only what Open Labs think are the most often used controls. In this article, we’ll look at ElectroSynth, Stagelight’s virtual analog synthesizer. The GUI (graphical user interface) offers control over the oscillators/voices, LFOs, filter and effects. The pitch and mod wheels as well as the AMP … Read more

Sidechain diagram

How to Create the “Pumping” Sidechain Effect in Stagelight

The popular “pumping” effect heard on many dance tracks is usually achieved with a side-chaining compressor where one sound is triggering the compressor which in turn compresses another sound. The most common scenario is a 4/4 kick drum compressing a bass line or a pad. The effect is most pronounced when a sound with long … Read more